Population Health Management – Hospital Deployment Trends Research: Independent Survey Results

By Debora Glennon, Director of Marketing, Aegis Health Group


Throughout 2013 Aegis Health Group conducted its second research study with senior level hospital decision-makers and their management team.  The study evaluated current and future plans regarding Population Health Management (PHM) and the shift in importance to overall strategy, target markets and more.


Hospital Leadership – Current and Future Strategies, Insights: Key Trends

  • PHM programs are now solidifying into successful initiatives with real results.
  • Responsibility for PHM is moving to operational departments and gaining executive support.
  • With this taking place, hospitals are now expanding into new market segments to expand their reach across their communities.

Some interesting findings include: Profile


    • 93% currently have community outreach initiatives to include health fairs, educational lectures, etc.
    • Slightly more than half (54%) have a formalized PHM program. Another 29% are looking to add one within the next year and 17% within 2-5 years.
    • 76% have partnerships with local employers (workforce health) with 20% looking to expand within one year and 4% within 2-5 years.
  • Respondents showed a heightened interest in growing new markets, especially schools, employer and religious groups, community organizations

ipmt to mission

When asked to rate the importance of Population Health Management to their hospital’s overall mission and strategic planning:

  • 34% rated “extremely important”
  • 44% rated “very important”
  • 17% rated “important”

Organizational Responsibility

In 2013 the responsibility for PHM Programs shifted away from the Marketing and Business Development to operational departments like the Medical Affairs or Community Outreach.

NEW NEW Dept Resp







Target Market Shift 

Concentration on Medicare, Medicaid and Senior Market segments changed very little.

However, respondents did show a growing interest in new markets like community organizations, religious groups and schools.

shifting markets

Strategic Program Emphasis

When asked about program emphasis for the current and following year, establishing a formalized population health management (PHM) program along with employer partnerships were by far ranked highest on the list for the near term, with physician relationship management (PRM) not far behind. All rated significantly higher in importance than the previous period.  It should be interesting to see if the “next year” projections align with the study or come closer to following the current trend line.

Key: PHM: Population Health Management;  PRM: Physician Relationship Management

Program deployment view

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