Central Virginia Health Network: Growing a Wellness Program

Top places to workUntitled picture                                                                                          By: Gerard P.Filicko, Senior Vice President, Clinical Serivces                                            CVHN, Glenn Allen, VA

Central Virginia Health Network (CVHN) is an independent Care Management Organization established by leading healthcare providers in Virginia.  We specialize in telephonic health coaching, chronic care management solutions, and health information technology.   CVHN has 110 employees across various companies in multiple office locations in the Richmond, VA area, with staff in North Carolina and Florida.

When CVHN looked to initiate their own employee wellness platform, of course we looked to Bon Secours Richmond and their Workforce Wellness Initiative.  Of upmost importance – we asked ourselves, how do we take our program and move it to the next level?”

Thought we take our employees wellness seriously, one of our key strategies for success was to assure it was fun!  The other key objectives included:

– improving health status and reducing risk factors

– increasing participation in wellness activities

– helping employees seek preventative care and make informed decisions;

–  finding an administrative platform that would be effective and easy to manage.

In answering the question on how to raise the bar and “grow a wellness program”, CVHN developed a three year plan, making it a manageable journey that could execute over time.  It was imperative the initiative motivate their staff with goals that encouraged engagement, raised awareness and offered activities to both modify their lifestyle and inspire behavior changes in order to reduce key risk factors. The risk factors targeted were prehypertension, overweight/obesity and addressing a sedentary lifestyle.

Advantages of a Population Health Website

To assure success, CVHN’s human resources team enlisted senior leadership sponsorship and partnered with Bon Secours using their OneCommunity population health website (powered by Aegis Health Group).  OneCommunity is linked to a set of resources and tools that encompass a health risk assessment coupled with biometric screenings.  Once each employee is securely registered, every time they logon, they have access to their Personal Health Profile. Additionally, they are shown a dashboard overview of their program which automatically updates their status as they participate in company sponsored efforts.  It contains useful tools for tracking health goals and interests such as an exercise log, nutrition diary and more.

Each individual’s Personal Health Report is customized with content and details on how they can achieve better health through lifestyle changes along with health articles specific to their health profile.  It also tracks and manages incentives for both the employee and CVHN’s HR department.  They have the flexibility to structure rewards or incentives based on their objectives, automating and simplifying many administrative functions.

Incentives Play a Key Role

One noteworthy benefit CVHN offered was a $500 contribution into a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for all employees, linked to various wellness programs. Employees receive $100 from their FSA if they complete a health risk assessment and biometric screening. The balance may be earned through involvement in on-site health education, completing an annual physical, participation in company sponsored fitness events, as well as tracking personal activity through FitBit integration. Plus, they may earn points toward prizes such as personal training sessions and gym bags.  All of this activity is tracked on OneCommunity.com.

The response has been enthusiastically received with plans to incorporate additional incentives in future programs. It’s truly a long term plan to embed healthier behavior every year of the program.

Online Engagement Makes a Difference

By moving to the online platform, CVHN has seen more participation than in the past three years when we used a more traditional paper-centric program, also offered by Bon Secours.  The past year, we were at 98 percent participation.

“Our success is a combination of factors.  One is the $100 incentive; this really caught our employee’s attention.  Plus the simplicity of the OneCommunity platform.  It is so easy to logon, complete the information, and then go back and track personal progress and participation.  Our HR team has found it makes the incentives and activity tracking very manageable.  It has made a big difference for us.”  Another innovative move on CVHN’s part to drive involvement was to include the OneCommunity link into our payroll system. Employees can click right over to view their health status when they check their salary and benefits.

A Healthier Workforce Emerges

Besides just increasing participation in CVHN’s wellness program, the company saw improvements from 2013 to 2014 across measureable health related areas – and are now tracking 2015:

2013 2014 Improvement National
Tobacco Use (all forms) 15.10% 8.40% 11.50%
Never/Sometimes 65.80% 55.90% 65.10%
Frequently 34.10% 44.10% 34.90%
Health Conditions
Frequent Stress 17.10% 21.50% 18.30%
No PCP 20.50% 15% 21.40%
Normal Glucose 95.00% 96.80% 82.00%
Screening History
BP (Not Checked) 9.80% 1.00% 6.00%
Cholesterol (Not Checked) 17.10% 2.90% 16.30%
Glucose (Not Checked) 19.50% 1.00% 18.00%
Physical Exam (Never Checked) 7.30% 4.60% 9.10%

Along with the biometric success, another benefit is their health insurance premiums remained constant – with NO increases.

So what is the main appeal of a workforce wellness and incentive website? It is all about convenience and driving user engagement:  When you’re able to see your performance on a day to day basis, and you’re able to earn those thumbs up and check marks, you have a real sense of accomplishment. You can graphically see your improvement and your health scores improve.  It’s very motivating.

On the administrative side:  It brings a high level of simplicity and organization, making it so much easier for HR to handle all the administrative elements, points and incentives.  Yes, we’re looking forward to growing our program both with our employees and the company reaping the rewards.

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